How can I immediately cancel a Macy’s Card?

How can I immediately cancel a Macy’s Card?
I recently signed up for a Macy’s card today but didn’t use it at all. The store clerk told me that it wasn’t a credit card and that I’d have to call, but after reading the information I realized that there were no “regular” store cards (for free benefits and such). She told me the card would come in the mail. Either way, I feel quite ridiculous, and hope that it isn’t one :\

Suggestion by Legend
You can call Macy’s Credit card dept or customer care and get the card canceled. I’d recommend that you keep it because having 2/3 store cards are not bad. You can get discounts, special offers, and easy payment plan on big purchases with no interest.

Suggestion by Niche
It sounds like you have the same Macy’s card that I have. It’s a red Star Rewards card with no Visa or Mastercard logo on it, but it functions like a credit card with Macy’s.
I thought it was a credit card too, which it is because it will show up on your credit report. The missing Visa/MC logo is what only allows you to purchase at Macy’s with it.
If your card is in the mail, wait for it to arrive, then cancel it. Or, what I did instead of cancelling mine, was to use it like a coupon card. always has tons of extra online savings that apply only to Macy’s cardholders. So when I want something f/ Macy’s, I pay with the card when they’re having a sale to get the additional savings, then I pay the balance within the next week or so. I don’t spend more than what I can afford, so I don’t have to worry about coming up with the money later. It’s a nice way to spend money on myself without regretting it later.

If you don’t want to use the card at all, you could always deactivate it and let it sit on your credit report. It will remain on your report as an account in good standing and it will look like you’ve maintained an excellent record over the years with them. I did that with an old Discover card and now creditors think I’ve paid on time for the last 10 yrs when in fact it’s not an active card and I never used it because the finance charges were like 25%. Also, because the card is deactivated, no one can use it even if they manage to steal the card or the card number. Awesome for someone like me who is a former identity theft victim.

If you don’t like any of those ideas, then call 866-593-2543 for Customer Service. That’s the number on the back of my card. They should be able to help you out even though you haven’t received the card yet and don’t know the card #.

Suggestion by Anjell
Nooooooooooo don’t cancel it. If it’s a store credit card you want to keep the history. Just cut the card up so no one can use it and you get the benefit of the long term history on your credit report.

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Where do I report a suspicious phone call … offered me free gift card for my “recent purchase at walmart?
I DO NOT shop at walmart. I do not shop. The caller read my address to me… wanted me to verify… Where can I file a report? I have a phone number of caller. Thanks.

Suggestion by Spaceman
i hate it when people do that…especialy when they send stuff to your email.stupid spamers.
i would go to your police station and report the number.if they cant do anything ask them what you should do with the number.they might tell you to report it to your phone company or to something make it simple, go to your police station and report it.

Suggestion by virtualhost84
- Don’t give information about yourself.
– Call Walmart immediately and inform them about this call. Make sure to talk to the manager
– You can report it to the police in your neighborhood.

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Suggestion by Paul
No need to call Walmart, they don’t have anything to do with it.
The caller got your number from a marketing list of some sort, unfortunately these things happen.
I would file a report at and another one with While you’re at it, sign up with the do not call list.
Unfortunately these calls will not stop but if you are on the do not call list you can sure that anyone calling you to sell you anything is pretty much fraudulent.

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